Saturday, August 22, 2009

Decorative Plate

This is a very easy and inexpensive way to add some decor to your house. When we finished our basement and got new furniture I realized that I did not have "stuff" to fill my bookcases. I also did not have extra money to spend on "stuff" for my shelves so I started to look around my home to find things. I found a white square plate that was purchased at the dollar store...I actually had 4 but the other three were in my kitchen on a plate rack. I brainstormed and then realized that I could adhere a clear sticker on it. I went to my craft closet and found the perfect thing it was a pre-made scripture sticker. I know Hobby Lobby or as my husband says, "Hob Lob" has them and so does Mardel. If you can't find a clear sticker with what you want on it then I would run some clear Avery labels through your computer and cut around it. Next, I wanted to add some color. So I used some rhinestones that already had sticky adhesive to the back of them. Voila! I was done. I propped it up on a plate rack (you can find these at Gordmans or Wal-mart for $3 or less).

Upclose Picture of my scripture and rhinestones
The final look on my bookcase

**Disclaimer: Please do not leave the rhinestones around your children. True story...while I was doing this plate Zachary took an pink rhinestone off the sticker paper. Next thing you know I hear hysterical crying. He had shoved the rhinestone up his nose. I called my mom who is a school nurse. She said to put pepper under his nose to increase mucus secretions. He was so mad at the pepper that he kept crying more. Nothing happened so I called the pediatrician. While on the phone the rhinestone slid out of his nose and on my floor. Mom was right..Pepper did the trick. Therefore do not let you curious children put the rhinestones up their nose.


  1. Great idea! Love this cute and inexpensive decoration! Way to be creative!