Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Copy Cat Wreath

On Saturday, my mother and I were in a very cute home decor and holiday novelty store. They had a ton of wonderful Christmas decorations. Some were priced fairly and others were a little out of my budget. A beautiful red and lime green wreath caught my eye but when I looked at the price tag my smile turned to disappointment. There was no way that I was going to pay $150.00 for a wreath for my front door that would proabably be marked down at the end of the season. So I reached for my camera took a picture and went to Hobby Lobby. Again everything from the wreaths to the swags were and continue to be 50% off this week. I found a plain wreath for $3.99 (originally $7.99 but with the 50% off sale). Then I found some swags and picks that I thought looked similar to the original wreath from the fancy store.

Today I spread out all of my supplies and went to work. 45 minutes later..TaDA! It's finished, I love it and it only cost me about $29.00. How do you like that Dave Ramsey????
Here is the photo of the stores wreath...isn't it beautiful!

Here is my wreath....it will take permanent residence on my front door after Thanksgiving.

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  1. Wreth looks GREAT! Good job! I love "cheating the system" as I call it. :)