Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Bargin Rehab

I wanted to share with you two Christmas bargin finds. We have a local gift shop that has AMAZING decorations. The store is one of my favorites and have top of the line gifts. The store has a one a year liquidation sale in the spring. They marked down all of their "un-sellables" that had some sort of defect. Of course I had to take a look and see what I could find. I found these two Christmas trees and I knew immediately that I could fix them up to make them look like new.

Before: This red tree was originally $30. The sale price was $5 with an additional 50% off. Total price $2.50. I say SOLD!The tip of this tree was missing beads and it was a little loose.

AFTER: Finished!

Here is tree #2 that was originally $32.oo. Marked down to $4 with an additional 50%. So I got it for $2.oo. You can see that the tip was missing beads as well as a section on the bottom.

AFTER: Perfect! You would never know that these were damaged goods.

My only wish was that they had more of these trees that were damaged! It just goes to show you that if you give a little TLC to something that is defected it can look good as new!


  1. Right on! I love getting things at a good deal and if you can fix them without sinking a lot of money into them, thats even better. Great bargain shopping!

  2. Love getting a deal!!

    I was doing a little blog hoppin' and ran across your blog! LOVE it! I love all your ideas and that little fellow of yours is a cutie!!