Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another Chalkboard Paint Project

A couple years ago my sister was selling this mirror in a garage sale. I quickly snagged it from her "for sale" pile and gave it a new home. I hung the mirror on our mantle for about two months until we got a canvased family photo to replace it. It was not until I saw the mirror in photos that I realized it was incredibly streaky.

This mirror has been sitting around for over a year without a purpose. Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago. I was in my kitchen thinking about changing out the decorations on my wall by my fridge. I keep a red berry heart in this spot and thought I needed something else up there for fall. However I realized that if I put something fall-ish up there, then I would need something Christmas-y up there, and the cycle would be never ending. I thought what could I put up their that would stay, and would be useful? Ah-HA! A Chalkboard! Immediately I started thinking about that mirror and painting it with chalkboard paint. Here was the process...

Tape the edges of the mirror to paint the frame. Once that dried I did a second coat. Then I had to tape the frame to spray paint the chalk board paint. After two coats of that...I was ready to hang and post my first message. I love the new look and I think I will get a lot more use out of the chalkboard than I will seasonal decor. Total price of project....NOTHING. I already had the paint, paintbrushes, and the mirror. YEAH!

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