Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

Welcome to our home! Come in side and visit for awhile. I would love to have company in my home everyday. The blog world has made it happen. Enjoy!
I have had my fall decorations up for a couple weeks but I have been too lazy to take photos of all of it. I finally did it. I hope you enjoy the tour of fall in our home. It's my favorite time of year!<

These little trick or treaters are new to my decor this year.... I think they are cute! You'll have to look past the Santa & Zachary picture. I keep it up year round because it is my favorite picture. Someone very special is in that photo. You'll have to look real close to see if you can see who it is. Also in my candy jars I have faux pumpkins and peppermint lifesavers. Since Kevin and I are watching what we eat we opted not to put candy corns or yummy candies in there this year. :(

These pumpkin plates are new this year too. I got them at Homegoods in KC when we were up there for a wedding. I wish they would of had three of them.
I painted this pumpkin for Z when he was just 4 weeks old. I love it.


  1. Your house looks AWESOME, Hilary! I love fall too. It's definitely my favorite time of year, but I don't decorate for it much. You might have inspired me to try a few things out this year! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. Very inviting, warm and cozy home. And, yes, I DO know who that special someone is in that picture. I've seen him in real-life - all duded up; I should have asked for his autograph. Does he still "do that"? (Like I'm thinking little kids will be reading a blog, but who knows?) Just wondering if some day I could get an autographed photo of him to hang in my future classroom. (True story: I was in a 3rd-grade classroom today and a boy was explaining to another boy that he was real but no longer alive; that Rudolph has a red nose and killed him with it. - Yikes!) So, I'm thinking I need proof.

  3. I love your decor! Your mantel is stunning! I am loving the ceramic pumpkin name painting idea! How cute is that!

  4. Lovin' the decorations. Awww you even have Jack sitting out. :)

  5. Aw, the mantle came out nicely! Great work! I need to decorate my mantle for sure!

  6. Your home looks so cozy! I'm glad you decided to take pictures of all your Fall decor. Love that pumpkin you made for Z :)