Friday, September 11, 2009

Easy, Healthy, Dessert

This summer Kevin and I have been really focused on eating better. However we still feel that we need "dessert" after every meal. This is a really hard habit to kick. So I am trying to find healthier, lower calorie desserts to have just to quinch our taste buds.

A few weeks ago I was at my friend, Julie's and she made these for breakfast. I thought excellent! Why had I not thought of this? I mean I always go through McDonalds to buy these but why have I not been making these?

Fruit Parfaits (approx 130-150 calories per dessert)

Items Needed:
Light and Fit Vanilla Yogart, Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Blueberries, and Granola

*Not sure why these next two photos are not rotating. O'well I have tried 4 times and I am giving up. These are so easy that even my sous chef, Zachary can make them. I used 1/2 cup of yogart, then layered the fruit, added another 1/2 cup of yogart, and topped with more fruit. You can also add the granola in the layers if you wish.

Here is another sideways photos of the finished parfaits in the fridge waiting for my husband to arrive home from work. The colder the better!


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