Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peter Cotton Came to Our House: Easter Decorations

One of my most favorite hobbies is decorating for the different holidays. As a kid I always wanted to be a teacher. One of the main reasons I wanted to be a teacher was to change bulletin boards. Isn't that funny! I thought that would have been awesome to decorate the classroom for different holidays. I guess it is fitting because I love pulling out my decorations from the last year and putting them up around the house. For some reason when I pull out my Easter/Spring Bin I am extra happy. I know that when I pull that bin out it is going to get warmer, brighter, and that it is going to be spring. YIPPEE!!

Entryway: Easter Table : the photos in the frames are of Zachary & the Easter bunny at the mall.

My newest additions: Boy & Girl Bunnies! I think I have mentioned before that last spring I went to a clearance sale at local store that has adorable decorations. Well at that sale I found these two paper mache (not sure if that is spelled right) bunnies. When I first saw them at 85% off I wondered why they were at this sale. Most of the sale items needed a little touch up (chipped paint, bent wires, missing pieces). I posted about some Christmas decorations from this sale HERE. Anyways I could not figure out why these bunnies were in the sale...until I picked them up. Both of their legs fell out of their bodies. I was a little embarrassed at the sale because the legs fell on the floor. Of course my mind started churning and I thought all they needed was a little super glue. Thank God for my glue gun. Long story short...I bought the bunnies that were once $85 each for $7.50 each with an additional 50% off so I got them both for $7.50! Not too bad! Their legs are completely fixed and no one would ever know they were discarded for being damaged. Aren't they adorable!

Coffee Table

Plate rack in Kitchen

Bunnies on the Mantle: I got these bunnies last year at Gordman's and I love them!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

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